Technical Corner

The Technical Corner defines marine electrical topics purposed to help boat owners better understand their electrical systems as they experience problems or are interested in expanding their capabilities with new equipment. These ‘Topic Discussions’ will also provide a basis to evaluate potential technicians as they are considered to do the work.


Technical Corner

Below is a partial list of topics for consideration. In the future, some will be presented via online videos and [perhaps] blogs. In the meantime, these discussions are available by Remote or On Site Service as ‘Marine Electrical Consulting.’

Note: Photo Gallery Slideshows provide images that serve as implementation examples of the topics to be discussed.

Topic Discussions List:

  • Terminations – materials, tooling, and workmanship
  • Bateries – types and integration … proper integration, wiring, and management
  • Circuit Protection – how and where … critical for Safety
  • DC Power Distribution System/Scheme – integrated as a total solution
  • Wiring – proper selection, routing, and harness installation
  • Truly Marine Grade equipment and materials – why this is so important
  • Bilge Pumps – Rotor-Lock phenomenon … critical fire safety issue
  • Environmental Hardening – including vibration, shock, and temperature cycles
  • ABYC Standards – why these are important for your boat
  • Fabricated Panels – their usefulness and suitability for this environment
  • Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Hardening – EMC, EMI, RFI, etc.
  • Single Point Ground Reference System – why this is important
  • Differential (Balanced) Wiring – why this is important
  • Switch Panels – options and integration