MISSION – Provide Outstanding Electrical System Support and Service to the Recreational Boating Community – Including Consultation, Repair, and Installation of Marine Electrical & Electronic Systems and Devices, as well as their associated Circuits/Wiring.

Safety - Performance - Reliability - Maintainability... all elements of your boat's electrical system effectiveness are directly proportional to the quality of design, integration, installation, and maintenance employed. 'Best industry practices' exist for the recreational boating community as ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) standards. These standards define thoroughly developed, specific requirements focused on Safety of Personnel and Catastrophic Damage Risk Mitigation. They also provide the basis for realization of intended onboard equipment performance, reliability over time, and maintainability as faults may occur or new equipment is installed.

OCBI follows ABYC Standards, particularly E11 – AC and DC Electrical Systems on Boats. Coupled with utilization of these best industry practices, long-proven workmanship processes are employed - yielding high quality solutions designed to perform in harsh environments over a long period of time.

The purpose of owning a recreational boat is to recreate – not suffer electrical problems when enjoying family time on the lake, having a great day of fishing, or entertaining friends. Our philosophy toward achieving trouble-free electrical system performance is simple: once a circuit is touched, it should never need to be touched again. The same approach is practiced when designing new systems, such as rewiring all or part of the power distribution scheme, and/or adding new equipment to an existing configuration.

Utilizing parts/components and materials designed specifically for the marine environment is obviously important. Boats exist in an environment harsher than automobiles and RV's - and not just because of moisture. Proper awareness toward hardening against shock, vibration, and temperature cycles is also important.

Most boat wiring problems occur at the terminations; hence, how terminations are made and how wiring is installed is paramount to effective and long-lasting solutions. Proper selection and installation of wire, terminals, splices, harness materials, et al is the beginning. Terminations should actually be made with specified parts utilizing specified tooling performed to specified workmanship processes - all specified as a total solution concurrently (i.e. a MIL-SPEC type approach.)

This approach works to our advantage as well as yours - when we make a termination, we know that the need for a warranty repair is extremely unlikely. Terminations made to our specifications are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Photo Gallery

Slideshow One provides before/after images of various work performed on fishing boats and cruisers. These jobs include: bilge area ‘clean-ups’ when new equipment is added or existing devices are repaired/replaced; battery wiring rewires; DC Power Distribution repair/replacement, including redesigns; fabricated panels to facilitate addition of devices/circuits; fabricated mounting brackets and hardware; console area wiring ‘clean-ups’ and addition of new equipment; sophisticated lighting sub-systems; and various electrical equipment installations.

Slideshow Two provides before/after images of a complete DC Power Distribution redesign and installation. It features examples of proper circuit protection, harness routing and dressing, custom fabricated panels, new expanded switch panel, stereo system upgrade, NEMA-2000 upgrade, and enhanced lighting.

Note: Slideshows One and Two will be referenced during ‘Topic Discussions’ vis-à-vis future online videos and [perhaps] blogs. Their images will also be used as points of reference during ‘Marine Electrical Consulting’ remote services.

This Photo Gallery will be expanded as new content is created

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    The Technical Corner defines marine electrical topics purposed to help boat owners better understand their electrical systems as they experience problems or are interested in expanding their capabilities with new equipment. These ‘Topic Discussions’ will also provide a basis to evaluate potential technicians as they are considered to do the work.

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    In 2012, my wife (also partner and best friend) and I began operations as OCB Integration LLC. Recognizing the significant shortage of marine electrical services, we developed solutions that provide high quality product and workmanship - resulting in safe, reliable, and sustainable performance over time.

    With an extensive background in electrical and electronics design and integration on multiple types of platforms, including advanced weapon systems, fielded within the worst environments assets are deployed (North Slope of Alaska, the Equator, and all points between, as well as Aircraft Carrier flight decks,) we believe we have a lot to offer

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